**Official Selection: 2017 Atlanta Underground Film Festival** **Winner "Best Local Short" 2017 Atlanta Underground Film Festival** EAT YOUR HEART OUT Three years of wedded bliss is celebrated with a perfect anniversary dinner that will delight anyone with a pulse, but may be lost on an undead husband. Starring: Kayla Gibson & Spencer Mumford



HORROR COMEDY -  PG-13 (Strong Language) Directed By: Adam Gambrel Produced & Written By: Jonothon Mitchell Starring: Wes Holland & Chase Anderson Edited By: Adam Gambrel An Atomic Feist Productions, LLC In Association with Problem Atttic Productions


COMEDY - PG-13 (Strong Language) Official Selection of the Bad Film Fest (2017) A dinner party turns sour when the guests begin to question the host's decorative choices. Directed and Edit by: Adam Gambrel Produced and Written by:Jonothon Mitchell Cast: Bonnie - Marissa Toogood Zach - Jonothon Mitchell Danielle - Kayla Gibson Joey - Chase Anderson An Atomic Feist Production in association with Problem Attic Productions Copyright 2016, All Right Reserved


HORROR COMEDY - PG-13 (Strong Language) Official selection of the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival (2016), Grindhouse Planet Film Festival (2016), and Pensacon Short Film Festival (2017) A couple must consider the possibility their toilet is haunted by demonic forces when pushed to their breaking point by a series of strange events and the intense need to urinate. A short film by Adam Gambrel Written and Produced by Jonothon Mitchell Starring: Annamaria Dvorak & Cristian Gonzalez


HORROR - PG-13 (Thematic Elements) Award Winning Short Horror Film. Directed By: Adam Gambrel Written By: Chris Shamburger Produced by: Juan Garza Edited By: Adam Gambrel & Matt Hanchey A Nova Wolf Production In Association with Atomic Feist Productions, LLC

Devil's Creek 

HORROR - R (Strong Language & Gore) Directed, Shot, and Edited by Adam Gambrel in a association with Atomic Feist Productions, LLC